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Wednesday 05 October 2011

‘Phenomenal spirit’ in Thailand despite rising floods
‘Phenomenal spirit’ in Thailand despite rising floods People go about their daily lives in flooded towns

Homes are submerged, floodwater is running through entire towns and approximately sixty thousand families are displaced, but people are still smiling in Thailand.
ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member Scott Robinson (US) said that despite the devastating conditions the spirit of the people is incredible.
‘Families are living on roadsides with floodwater running through their makeshift tarpaulin shelters. Many of them have no more than their spouses and children, some are lucky enough to have salvaged a bag of possessions, yet their spirit is phenomenal,’ he said.
‘They’re still smiling and trying to go about their normal lives.’
But despite the families’ resilient attitude, the need for aid remains desperate. WHO (World Health Organisation) reports that 53 of 77 provinces in Thailand have been affected by the floods caused by heavy incessant rains over the last few months. And the situation is only getting worse as floodwaters continue to rise and people try to cope with the worst flooding in eleven years.
Higher grounds
‘Trucks are picking up the scores of displaced families that are lining the main roads in the worst hit areas and taking them to higher grounds,’ Scott added.
‘There is very little dry ground but we’ve managed to identify football pitches and courtyards that would be suitable for relocating families. We’re acting as fast as possible so when the aid arrives we can provide the emergency shelter these families so desperately need.’
Meetings are ongoing between ShelterBox, the Red Cross and local Rotarians to secure land so that aid can be deployed immediately.
A minimum of 448 ShelterBoxes have been committed to Thailand from pre-positioned stock in Singapore with the request for more aid likely.
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