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On Friday May 31 torrential rains brought an onslaught of mud, trees and rocks to the city of Mocoa in Colombia.

A third of the region's expected monthly rain fell in just one night. Whole neighbourhoods have been crushed by landslides.

This was the third-deadliest weather-related disaster in Colombian history and hundreds of families have been left without even basic shelter. Families have been torn apart. Frantic parents and grandparents have spent every waking moment searching for missing children.

We are responding with ShelterBoxes containing family tents, cooking equipment, water filtration and mosquito nets to prevent disease. We are also providing solar lights as main electricity has not yet been fully restored.  

One of our main lines of contact is with Rotarians, who can provide eyewitness information and local knowledge. We are well placed to offer emergency shelter help.

Ayeasia Macintyre - Operations Co-ordinator

As the relief efforts continue, more and more people will need our help. We cannot greet these families with empty hands.

Help us give hope to these families, and thousands more around the world, who have been robbed of their homes.



We're no stranger to the South American region. 

As well as our current response in Peru, we spent many months last year delivering aid to families in the coastal communities of neighbouring Ecuador after a 7.8 earthquake struck.

When natural disasters and conflicts rob people of their homes, we can’t wave a magic wand to replace what was lost, but we can help create something new. We can provide people with the tools to start the process of their own recovery.

Find out more about ShelterBox and the families we help here.